Translation of documents Prolingvolab:

Comprehensive approach to simple and complicated problems

ProLingvoLab is a company whose primary activity focus is on provision of services of translation of any complexity documents and texts. We have large work experience and we never make mistakes, perform work timely, and our clients always obtain the best results. We cooperate with the best translators, who specialized in particular language or small language group that allows to reach ideal translations in the shortest possible time. ProLingvoLab provides service of translation practically from any language to Russian or Ukrainian and vice versa. We also translate from English, French or German into Spanish language.

Our customer service is on brand new level. We provide service of translation of documents of any subject and complexity on preliminary agreed terms and never violate them. ProLingvoLab warranties quality of all completed translations and we, as a rule, maintain mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with our customers.

Kinds of written translations

A technical translation is a specific kind of translation that obligatory requires technical education or work experience in technical sphere that correspond the subject of translation. This translation service attracts only the best translators with large and successful experience. The technical translation is quite labor-intensive activity as documents contain a big quantity of terms. Such category consists of the following documents:

  • Operating  Manuals;
  • Technical Documentation;
  • Product Certificate of Quality;
  • IT documents;
  • Scientific articles, etc.

A legal translation is a complicated task and is in power of real professional, who perfectly orientates in specific nature of legal terms. The service of legal documents translations is of high demand in ProLingvoLab within the development of international cooperation. The following documents fits into such category:

  • Agreements;
  • Licenses;
  • Contracts;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Court Decrees;
  • Laws and regulations, etc.

A medical translation is one of the most complicated works among all translation tasks. High density of medical and pharmaceutical terms requires the specialist’s maximum attention during work on text. Documents of this category consist of:

  • Medical reports;
  • Recommendations to exhibition;
  • Documentation to medical equipment;
  • Forensic medical expert examination conclusion, etc.

Other kinds of translations — Specialists of ProLingvoLab company also provide translation of artistic and advertising translation and also documents for visa application and other texts.

Price list for the services of language translation

  Language of original text   Price for 1 word, USD
  Price for 1 standard document, USD
  Translation into Spanish
  English 0.09 15
  German 0.10 15
  French 0.10 15
  Translation into Russian (Ukrainian) and from Russian (Ukrainian)
  European Languages  
  English 0.05 10
  Bulgarian 0.13 22
  Hungarian 0.13 22
  Dutch 0.13 22
  Greek 0.13 22
  Spanish 0.08 13
  Italian 0.08 13
  Latvian 0.13 22
  Lithuanian 0.13 22
  German 0.05 10
  Polish 0.09 14
  Portuguese 0.10 15
  Romanian 0.12 20
  Serbian 0.13 22
  Slovak 0.13 22
  Slovenian 0.13 22
  French 0.08 13
  Czech 0.10 15
  Croatian 0.12 20
  Estonian 0.13 20
  Scandinavian languages  
  Danish 0.13 22
  Norwegian 0.13 22
  Finnish 0.13 22
  Swedish 0.13 22
  Oriental and other languages  
  Azerbaijan 0.14 24
  Arabic 0.14 24
  Armenian 0.12 20
  Vietnam 0.15 25
  Georgian 0.12 20
  Hebrew 0.12 20
  Indonesian 0.15 25
  Kazakh 0.14 24
  Kyrgyzstan 0.14 24
  Chinese 0.11 20
  Moldovan 0.10 15
  Persian 0.14 24
  Tajik 0.14 24
  Turkish 0.12 20
  Turkmen 0.14 24
  Uzbek 0.14 24
  Farsi 0.14 24
  Hindi 0.14 24
  Japanese 0.11 20

Discounts are available for large orders:
over 10,000 words - 2%
over 50,000 words - 3%
over 100,000 words - 5%
over 200,000 words - 10% or more
If you are interested in a specific language which is not reflected on our list, please contact us and we will specify the possibility of such translation and the price.
Standard documents include:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.
  • Statement of earnings
  • Bank statement
  • Diploma or certificate of education
  • Other

Standard speed of translation: 4-5 pages per day (900-1100 words).
When ordering from 50 to 300 pages: rate of translation - 5-6 pages a day (1100-1300 words).
When ordering 300 or more pages: rate of translation - 6-7 pages per day (1300-1500 words).
Extra charge for urgent translation ranges from 20-100% of the base cost, depending on the urgency.
If the text contains a large quantity of scientific, technical, legal, medical or similar terminology, the translation price will be calculated with an extra charge not exceeding 30%.

The main stages of translation of texts or documents:

  1. Create an Online Order for translating the text, specifying the target language, theme and the task deadline. Also you need to upload the text/document to be translated and specify the desired payment method.
  2. We count according to the price list the cost of translation and send you an email or letter specifying cost and performance terms. The letter will also provide details of the selected method of payment. When you select paying by Visa/MasterCard you should click “Pay on-line by Visa/MasterCard” option, this payment follows all the international 3D-Secure requirements which guarantees the safety of all your on-line transactions.
  3. You pay the cost of the order.
  4. We start performance of translation. The translated text will be sent to you via email. In order to avoid misunderstandings concerning the quality of translation of names, surnames, names of companies and organizations, place names, etc. we ask that you provide us in advance with preferred spellings or requests for translation. In the absence of this information, our company performs translation at its discretion and later claims cannot be accepted.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the text/document translation, you have the right within 3 days after receiving the translated text/document to send to our e-mail address your request (claim) with a thoroughly detailed description of the problem and wishes to improve the translation. After receiving your request we will as soon as possible improve your text/document and send it back to you via email. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your collaboration with ProLingvoLab.